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Danial Afzal Khan – Actor / Model

Danial Afzal Khan is one of the handsome and emerging actors of Pakistan showbiz industry. He has worked on small screen as well as big screen and today he talks to Rohail Amjad in his show about his life struggles and let’s see what they both talk about

Rohail Amjad: From VJ to big screen, how has been the journey. Must have experienced many difficulties?

Danial Afzal Khan: It’s been a bumpy ride, in showbiz, you never know which move will result in which way. But God has been gracious can’t complain. And Yea if got to touch the difficulty aspect, yes it ain’t easy and ain’t for everyone.

Rohail Amjad: Your Debut Drama had many big names, you must be feeling the pressure while doing your role?

Danial Afzal Khan: Oh yes there was an immense pressure, I was way too nervous till it started to roll but that’s the name of the game, calming your nerves and all other insecurities you have in your head. If you have managed to reach the set you got nothing but to perform.

Rohail Amjad: Have you learned acting? or was it your passion?

Danial  Afzal Khan: I haven’t had a formal acting education. All the skills I have acquired is by learning on the ground, observing the seniors and most of all by watching series’ and movies on my laptop. I would say my laptop has been my greatest teacher.

Rohail Amjad: Most of the actors/ celebs I meet are super fit, you are one of them too, is it the diet, workout or they have been gifted with natural physiques?


Danial Afzal Khan: We’ll it’s the amalgamation of all three. I am lucky in a way that I get to see results very very fast that keeps me motivated to keep on going. Otherwise it can be immensely hard and I really understand that. Again one of  Gods blessings out of many.

Rohail Amjad: You have worked with big names in the industry who was the one you felt the most comfortable with?

Danial  Afzal Khan: Comfort comes automatically if you are sound in your skill and are sure of your craft. Yes, it’s not easy to work with the biggies whom you have seen all your life and are larger than life for you but in my experience, you prove them you know your thing and they are all. Yours.

Rohail Amjad: Professional actors don’t like mistakes on set. Have you ever experienced such an incident where your mistake has annoyed of your senior?

Danial Afzal Khan: I am Fortunate enough to not forget my lines that easy on top. Of that my Urdu is very good so. Even if I do I am always able to improvise perfectly keeping the integrity of the context secure. But obviously, it can’t be a 100% I do commit mistakes but I can’t remember anyone getting annoyed. Yea the biggest difficulty comes when there’s a burst of laughter during the scene recovering back from that becomes a challenge.

Rohail Amjad: You did a film “Aksbandh” but it never got to the recognition. Do you think Pakistani directors lack the art of filmmaking?

Danial Afzal Khan: That was very unfortunate, though it did win critical acclaim, it just lacked good promotion but well Yea, not a successful venture. About the directors, they do have the art and the vision, the real problem is, our industry is not ready as a film producing the machine. It has to. Develop yet, it has to actually become an industry. Right now it’s trial and error phase. Plus the most important issue we don’t have enough screens, till that is not attained it will always be in jeopardy.

Rohail Amjad: You have been featuring in many advertisements. Pakistan has very few quality adverts, which in your opinion has been the best advert to date

Danial Afzal Khan: There have been many quality ads made in recent times, especially with the biggest name that we have. So can’t mention one.

Rohail Amjad: Mostly, advertisement agencies look for product promotions, do you think that celebs can be a catalyst for these promotions?

Danial  Afzal Khan: Of course they can be, that’s why they are paid tons of cash to perform. People relate or look Up to celebs and they want to be a part of what their favorite celeb is endorsing.

Rohail Amjad: You have done numerous dramas with different channels, which production house you feel is the best when it comes to the payment of an actor? As recently I saw one of the renowned actor complaining about one of the leading Channel’s head for the payment

Danial  Afzal Khan: Well I won’t name who’s the best and who’s the worst but yes I’d say that it’s not how it should be and the current trend should change. An actor should be free from the worry of his payment and should be allowed just to focus on his work.

Rohail Amjad: We have a top class drama industry but our film industry is not that established that. What is the reason? Do we lack skill?

Danial Afzal Khan: I mentioned the main reason above to add to that Rome wasn’t built in one day. We should give it some time it’s at the infancy stage. We just have two banners who make complete films (by which I mean films which look like films) they being “Six Sigma films” and  “FilmWalas”, and we need more banners like these who have the proper budget and reach to make their films big to have some place in the international market.


About Interview Scripted by Rohail Amjad

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