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Jawani Phr Nhi Aani 2 Review (3/5)

Jawani Phr Nhi Aani 2 was the most anticipated film of this season as the previous film had got the public going.  But fortunately, the film isn’t what the public would want after a long wait.

The film has more than required political and diplomatic jokes. The acting was undoubtedly very nice by all actors but one is simply wasting their acting talent if the content is not strong.
Had the direction and story been strong the film would have been far better. Hamza Ali Abbasi was badly missed!

Fahad Mustafa had full control over his role but even the inclusion of three new faces could not replace the former two face properly.

The story remained incomplete as in the previous part their wives had roles till the end but this wasn’t the case this time.

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