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Shehzad Manzoor – CEO Fitness with Shehzad


Fitness with Shehzad is introduced by Shehzad Manzoor, who started his fitness journey Ten years ago,back when it wasn’t a thing. Tonight he talks to Rohail Amjad in his show.

Q. What makes your fitness program different then others?

A.The main difference between my program and other programs out there is the level of commitment I have with each and every client of mine. I mainly focus on personal 1 on 1 training in order to give the best possible result to the client. In this there is 0 room for error which results in amazing results.

Q. Most of the people are of the views that these fitness programs are a scam and have lasting health damages.

A.People are usually misguided so much throughout their times of working out from one place to another that they usually end up believing each and every person they encounter. The truth is that something might work for someone and may not work on someone else. People end up following other people’s diet and workouts which might not suit them. Hence they sometimes don’t get the results they want or end up getting sick or injured. There are no lasting health damages when you follow a well balance meal plan. Sometimes people tend to starve themselves or follow FAD diets which aren’t really good for them.

Q. How much role does eating habits play in fitness?

A.Eating habits play a very vital role in fitness. You can workout for countless hours a day and can workout for years without getting the results you want if you’re not following a proper meal plan made specially for you.

Q.Motivation is essential. What is needed to keep yourself motivated.

A.You need to think about your goal. You need to know exactly what you want and how you’re going to get there. Never think that “Oh this will take me years” always think about getting through the day. You always work your way up the ladder one step at a time. Stay focused and set up a plan because without a plan you’re setting yourself up for failure!

Q.How does exercise help to keep your mood happy?

A.When you’re working out you’re releasing stress which ends up helping you feel much better. People may think that working out tires you and makes you feel tired. It’s quite the opposite. If you might notice that after a great workout you would feel fresh more active. When we workout our brain also releases endorphins which is a chemical which helps your body fight stress.

Q. In order to maintain fitness how much should one workout on a daily basis?

A.If you’re just looking to stay toned and are relatively happy with how you look. 45 Minutes 3 times a week with a well balanced diet should do the trick. If you’re someone who wants a major change in your body nothing more then 60 Minutes 5-6 times a week. No matter what your goal is you should never workout for hours upon hours 7 days a week. That’s a big NO!!

Q What foods should be avoided totally?

A.When you’re looking to get proper results and want the best from your workouts you should definitely avoid the following:
Simple carbs
Canned or boxed foods
All sorts of soft and fizzy drinks
Junk foods
Keep a control on salty foods

About Interview Scripted by Rohail Amjad

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