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Ali Kakvi – Marketing Director OPPO

Ali Kakvi is a young dynamic Marketing Director of OPPO. He is currently 26 and has diversified experience. Today,  he talks to Rohail Amjad,  lets see what they talk about
Q. What makes OPPO different from other brands?
A. OPPO is a very innovative brand and so are their products. If we talk about their products, OPPO focuses on particular technology and innovates more and more. OPPO now has 29,000 registered patents. Since we are the selfie experts we have 1800 registered patents for photography alone. There is also a flash charge technology that OPPO is the sole provider of- the VOOC Flash Charge. This technology is present in the F9 which we have recently launched. We believe in consistently innovating to bring new and exciting features to our phones. These features are crafted to give a holistic experience to our users, whether it be in the area of design, color, camera or the battery. This is what makes OPPO different from others. We also believe in interacting with our youth by being a part of their interests. We have been associated with sport and have collaborated with ICC and PSL. We also partner with popular celebrities to engage with the youth, this is our philosophy.
Q. As you enlightened me with the fact that you have celebrities on collobaration list, is OPPO able to recover the cost
A. Yes, obviously. But we don’t do that to recover the cost. We do it to communicate with our customers and to tell them that OPPO is a brand that never compromises on quality as they are the key influencers and people follow them religiously. We associate ourselves with youth interests such as style, fashion and sports. That’s why the selection process for the celebrities is very important. We have people from TV, Fashion and style industry to cater different audiences. For us its just getting the right message for the right people at the right time. It is not about the cost for us as long as the people are getting what OPPO is all about.
Q. OPPO is a Chinese company. They must have to face some problems coming to Pakistan?
A. Not really, Pakistan has been very welcoming to China and the Chinese culture is amazing, it teaches you a lot. Working with Chinese has taught me a lot. That’s what Chinese have brought to Pakistan and people here too are very welcoming towards Chinese people and that’s the reason Chinese companies have seen success in Pakistan.
Q. Where do you see OPPO standing as compared to other brands?
A. Currently, OPPO is ranked at #3 in the smartphone industry. In 2017, OPPO became the #2 smartphone brand in Pakistan and three of our phones were among the top five selling phones of Pakistan / the selfie series (F Series) they have been loved by the people and the recently launched OPPO F9 has completely revolutionized the smartphone industry and achieved ground breaking sales . We strive to be the best in the industry, and we aim to be NO. 1 by this Year end!
Q. I went through some reviews, I read people had some issues with batteries of OPPO phone and overheating?
A. We always take our customers feedback really positively. Whatever the customer’s feedback are, we take them really seriously.. We have introduced the VOOC flash charge technology and the five layer protection system in our new model this issue has been addressed. It has five layers of safety and is guaranteed to stay cool while charging.
Q. What was the concept behind Selfie Series?
A. As per the surveys conducted we got to know that the most used feature of the phone was selfie and that’s why we introduced this series.We were the first to revolunalize this concept and have been the first to introduce, the built-in beautify feature to beautify pictures, world’s first 16MP Camera, 25MP Camera and the world’s first Dual Selfie Camera. For us the target audience is the youth. We strive to be everything the youth wants in a phone.
Q. Wouldn’t it be more meaningful to have tech savvy persons on the events rather than Celebrities?
A. The main audience of the event are the Tech journalists from Print, Online along with lifestyle Media and celebrities . We provide them an opportunity to test our phones at display and provide us with feedback. We have people from different domains of life as our target market is big and OPPO is not just a tech phone but also a lifestyle fashionable device.
Q. You have had many shifts in Careers?
A. I made a shift from the Retail side to the field of Marketing as I have been truly passionate about the smartphone industry since the very beginning. But I believe, every job of my life has taught me a lot and I credit every little experience I have gained from my personal and professional life for being who I am today.
But this is where I always wanted to be. Back in the times, I used to tell my friends one day I would be heading a smartphone brand- And Here I am as the youngest Marketing Director of one of the leading Smartphone Brands in Pakistan. I owe a great deal to my mentors in this field who i have learnt a lot from and they have been a true source of inspiration for me. I believe this is just the beginning and there is a long way to go.
Q. Your message to the people?
A. Never stop believing in yourself, you will always face hurdles but the important thing is to come out stronger and wiser. Everyone who gets to the top of the ladder has had to climb it. Never under estimate yourself and never be fearful to take the first step. Always surround yourself with positive people and people who appreciate and encourage you to be the best version of yourself. Lastly always keep trusting God as you know never know the door of opportunity opens for you.

About Interview Scripted by Rohail Amjad

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