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Nazish Jahangir – Actress / Model

Nazish Jahangir is one of the famous emerging actress and model in Pakistan. She commenced her career from KopyKats Production and has featured in many dramas in Pakistan. Today, she joins for a conversation with Rohail Amjad. Lets see what they talk about. Following is the interview:

Rohail Amjad:  Assalam o alaikum, thanks for giving me time. What does it demand to be a model?
Nazish Jahangir: Well, It can’t be specified but talking through my experience I would focus on “confidence” despite all the other traits. Yes, physical appearance counts as well to some extent but if I talk through my experience and as much as I have seen throughout the time I have been in this industry is your confidence and your passion that can take you to places.
Rohail Amjad: Most of the dresses displayed on the fashion walks aren’t wearable in a society like ours. Do you believe those dresses are for a certain class?
Nazish Jahangir:  Talking about the outerwear I would say yes and no both to this answer. Yes, class difference is a big thing nowadays in our society and it does matter so yeah if an elite class women wear a short dress that would be characterized in the terms such as (Elegant, classy, rich choice) after all “the appearance shows who you are”. Similarly, if a middle-class girl will wear the same dress she would be judged by her surroundings and her society where she lives. I would also say No to this answer because if I put myself in this scenario, I just get the ideas from those dresses. It’s not mandatory that you go for the same dress. Of course, those dresses can be used as ideas as well.
Rohail Amjad: You have worked in TV dramas, theatre and as a model. Which did you enjoy doing the most?
Nazish Jahangir:  Well, I can’t merge all of these together as I had different experiences in all of them separately. I love my work so yeah I enjoy everything I go for as long as I am comfortable 
Rohail Amjad: Would you go for a film if given an option?
Nazish Jahangir: Opportunities and exposures are never bad so yeah why not? I would definitely go for any such opportunity if it’s suitable for me.
Rohail Amjad: Drama industry is quite established what does our film industry lacks?
Nazish Jahangir: Well, again I can’t what are they lacking in but I must say they are working really hard to give out audience the best result. It’s not that we don’t have good actors or good film makers. We definitely have few good film directors so yeah let’s hope for the best. I am sure they won’t disappoint any of us 🙂
Rohail Amjad: In most of my interviews, the senior artists have complained that the new generation doesn’t work that hard as compared to them? What is your opinion?
Nazish Jahangir:  Well, I will disagree with this statement with no hard feelings but how I see things are a bit different. You learn from your experiences and you can’t compare a struggler with someone who has been working here since forever. I don’t think it would be justice to their hard work. Maybe sky is their limit? 🙂
Rohail Amjad: Models are known for having attitude problem. Do you think this issue really does exist?
Nazish Jahangir:  Yes, It does exist but I would like to explain this. It’s not that we are born like that or we are all the time like that. No, we don’t scream around just like that. It’s the outcome of what we go through and how the staff at times gets uncooperative. Being in the industry isn’t that easy and relaxing as it seems and sounds, we have to devote our day and night and at times we have to compromise on our family time to give our audience the best results and satisfaction. Reaching the expectations isn’t that easy 
Rohail Amjad:  Ever since the #MeToo campaign began, most of the actresses have started speaking against harassment, which undoubtedly is a good step but you think will any of them would be able to provide an evidence?
Nazish Jahangir:  Speaking of harassment I would like to share my personal experience on this. In this society now adays it’s not a big thing anymore to get harassed by someone. People don’t highlight it anymore as compared to the other issues. I am very glad that finally people are acknowledging it as it must be stopped and sinners must be punished for their bad deeds. Providing evidence would never justify what happened to them so in my view evidence is a very minor thing to be discussed so yeah it doesn’t matter if they can provide or not.
Rohail Amjad:  Your message for the girls who want to pursue their career as an actress/Model?
Nazish Jahangir: I would just say that stay focused, set your goals and try your best to achieve them because you can 

RohailAmjad: Thank you so much Nazish, for being on the show really enjoyed talking to you..looking forward to see you soon again. NazishJehangir: Likewise and Allah Hafiz

About Interview Scripted by Rohail Amjad

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