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Adil Waheed Minhas – CEO Gleiz

Adil Waheed Minhas is the CEO Gleiz. He is based in Lahore and today he talks to Rohail Amjad .


Q. What makes progress apparel different from others?
Answer. Progress Apparel is an SME, things which distinguish us from others are that we are producing high quality garments. In terms of fabrication, using international quality certified trims and material. Also our machinery is highly automated which is used by export sector only.

Q. What is your Target market?
Ans. We are targeting 2 segments, local brands are our main target and we are working with leading brands. Second is to promote our newly stablished online brand Gleiz.

Q. With so many apparels, how do you make sure to stand out?
Ans. Consistent R&D, providing new styles and different fabrication helped us to stand above from others. due to strong fabric sourcing we always had benefit.

Q. Are there any specific institutes from where you hire designers?
Ans. At the moment we are providing customized services and our customers provide us their own designs. We as a SME sector do not afford full time designers that’s why we outsource our designs and pay them per design.

Q. How will the increase in gas price affect the business?
Ans. Both Gas & Electricity hike playing vital part in increase of price. Government should provide subsidy to SME sector specially to maintain affective price.

Q. Do you make jackets as well or just pant shirt?
Ans. We are manufacturing Cotton pants but in next winter we will expand our range.

Q. Do you have any quality audits?
Ans. We check quality on all stages, inline and finished garments as well.

Q. How many stitching units you have?
Ans. We have only 1 unit.

Q. How much investment is needed to start a clothing brand?
Ans. Since we are in online business a reasonable range took 3 Million Rupees to start with.

Q. Is it true that Pakistani products get label as foreign products before sale
Ans. No


About Interview Scripted by Rohail Amjad

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