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Shazma Ikram is a young fashion designer,running her own business under the name SHAZMA IKRAM. She has created her mark in the fashion industry by her unique styles

Q. What makes Shazma Ikram different from others?
A. We create unique designs. Our cut lines and colour pallets are very different from other brands. We do not follow market trends, instead we create our own trends. Besides, we use good quality fabric for our dresses.

Q. What is your target market?
A. We have different range dresses. The reason being we target both middle class and elite class customers.

Q. With so many brands, how do you make sure to stand out?
A. As mentioned earlier, we make unique dresses. The fabric is of good quality. We always stay ahead of market trends. Moreover, our price range is very affordable.

Q. Are there any specific institutes from where you hire designers?
A. We do not hire designers from any specific institute as we believe talent can be anywhere. Therefore, we try to hunt for best designers from different institutes.

Q. Many dresses are meant to be worn in private functions by brands. Do you think there is market for these dresses?
A. We design dresses that are worn in private functions. However, there is not much market for those type of dresses.

Q. Do you design western wear too or just the eastern?
A. As mentioned earlier, we do not follow local market trends. Therefore, we design both western and eastern dresses. Our dresses are worn by international customers as well, including models. However, our main focus is on eastern wear.

Q. Do you have any quality audits?
A. We take quality very seriously. Therefore, we monitor quality throughout all stages, from production to finished product.

Q. How many fabrics does your brand have?
A. We have pretty much all fabrics depending on the season and market trends.

Q. How much investment is needed to start a clothing brand?
A. It depends upon what type of business model you choose, whether it’s online business or store model or both. The bigger the model, the more the investment.

Q. Define the brand Shazma Ikram.
A. Shazma Ikram is a newly launched brand of Pakistan which not only offers eastern wear but western wear as well, while maintaining good quality for all classes of customers and also staying ahead of market trends.

About Interview Scripted by Rohail Amjad

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