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Book Review: Omar Zafarullah’s A Hundred Journeys

“A hundred Journeys ~ Stories of my fatherland” is a book that leaves so many questions to be answered. Can a Pakistani father actually teach his son everything which he wants him to learn through this narration? Can this advice be enough for the son? Is it only about father and son relationship, or is there more to it? There are lots of other questions as well. What role has Omar Zafarullah’s father’s car accident and those ninety seconds have played in Omar’s life in which he lost his father? And most important of them all is, can this book be considered as coming together of all answers of these above mentioned questions? A hundred journey is part memoir, written in first person narration style. It is not only a memoir of his family written for Omar’s son Haider, but also it is a manual for living which Omar wants to leave for his son when he is not around anymore.

As a manual of living, this book guides you through the various incidents that Omar or his family have faced over time. The crux of this book is that life experiences of your father or your forefathers can prove to be a meaningful defense shield for you as an aspiring youth. The book also speaks about Maa ji, the great grandmother of Omar Zafarullah, whose struggles and strength changed the fortunes for the family. In a very interesting way Omar has intermingled in his book the changing social norms and values in Pakistani society and the landmark political incidents which have taken place in this country. All these incidents are described from an observer’s point of view who has no say or control but who has to face the consequences after these incidents take place. This book is as much a personal tale as it is the tale of the whole country, its changing beliefs and changed social fabric.

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