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I had mixed feelings about the trailer, so I decided to wait for reviews which also turned out to be mixed, but finally I had the opportunity to attend the SHERDIL Movie’s premiere last week and yet again I’ve mixed feelings about the movie, the movie had a few  references from some of the Hollywood movies and  at times it makes you realize why Top Gun has always been a  classic, Top Gun is possibly only aviation movie that blends romance, bromance, rivalry, style, heroism, music perfectly well. In  Sherdil, the director too tries to repeat that all in one but succeeds on few aspects and fails on some, the songs were few and were short in length which is good, though the film missed a block buster patriotic song.  The movie also had some fun moments but some of the comedy was unnecessary, locations were very good, dogfight scenes were enjoyable but aerial sequences could’ve been better. This movie celebrates Pakistan and its Pride, so watch it for the Patriotism feeling and definitely show it to your kids so they can grow up with Pakistan. The movie’s storyline ended on an interesting note where the Indian pilot lost his airplane but fell in the Pakistani territory, this scene had a resemblance with the real-life incident where the Indian Pilot this February violated the Pakistan airspace, lost his aircraft in the dogfight with the Pakistani Airforce and fell in the Pakistani territory. Overall there’s a 50% chance you’ll like the movie and 50% chance you won’t. Take the chance, Pakistani film industry is taking a chance by making these movies, so should you.

The event was sponsored by  Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew too like the movie had the slogan “Dar k Agay Jeet Hai”, depicting a message for the people who are not risk takers, Mountain Dew guides them not to be afraid to take the risk as once they overcome fear, the success is theirs.

The event was managed by Verv Events. The partnership between Verv and Mountain Dew is not new. Two years a go, i attended an event managed by Verv for movie based on cars, they had arranged many sports cars for display.

This time too, they had an impressive red carpet or green carpet i would refer having the screen showing the dog fights between forces. Verv Events never fails to impress


About Interview Scripted by Rohail Amjad

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