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This Ramazan Give Your Zakat To Chhipa

In the month of Ramzan, one should donate as much as possible in order to help those who need that to improve their lives and can get benefited from. What else is better to do than helping mankind in this Holy month? Ramzan Chhipa requests everyone to come forward and donate to Chhipa Welfare as much as possible, so that Chhipa Welfare can further more help needy people. Chhipa Welfare has a shelter home where many people are taken care of; kids, senior citizens and many other individuals are given with place to live and eat.
In this Holy month of Ramadan, Chhipa welfare is feeding great number families, fasting persons and orphans. Feeding 30,000 people two times every day and providing meals for sehri and iftarai in Ramadan, is creating ease for the people who even cannot afford one time meal. The endeavor to provide quality services either in food, medical and life shelter aspect, this welfare is spreading smiles and giving them a ray of hope in darker times.
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Alongside with highlighting of all the social welfare services, the NGO is bigheartedly asking for valuable donation in form of Zakat from both local and international donors. No doubt people have passionately lent a hand in supporting noble causes in the past years through this organization.
For last ten years or so Chhipa Welfare Association is also providing women shelter – for women in need of shelter and help the transition into a normal and save life – and home for special children, Chhipa Welfare Association looks after special children and take care of their special needs. Needy and handicapped children are provided crutches, wheelchairs and artificial limbs. And this is all being possible because of the charity given to the organization.
This year give your zakat to CHIPPA to help this organization for the welfare of community. It is not a hidden fact that CHIPPA is one of the only few welfare organization that is working for the wellbeing of the people of this country without caring about the reward. The endless efforts of CHIPPA, contribution and trust of people has named it in the top welfare organization of Pakistan.

About Interview Scripted by Rohail Amjad

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