Abdul Samad – CEO Abdul Samad Clothing / Entrepreneur

Abdul Samad – CEO Abdul Samad Clothing / Entrepreneur

Mr. Abdul Samad is the CEO of Abdul Samad Clothings. He is also a well-knowned entrepreneur. He has been the industry for a while but the T10 league in Dubai last year increased his prominence in the fashion world and in that of the business world too.

Rohail Amjad: What makes Abdul Samad Clothing different from

Abdul Samad: Abdul Samad’s unique design philosophy is what makes his clothing different from others. Rather than following contemporary trends, Abdul Samad believes in experimenting with cuts and patterns, which are
customised according to his clients’ needs.

Rohail Amjad: What is your Target market?

Abdul Samad: My target market is the fashionistas from various
fields, mostly cricketers, actors, news anchors, politicians, singers, etc. I also entertain the corporate sector for suits, and do bridal wear

Rohail Amjad: With so many brands, how do you stand out in the
Abdul Samad: Abdul Samad brand has carved out a niche market for itself. My product is not produced in bulk. My pieces are limited and different from what you will commonly find in the market. Plus, my cuts and fittings are customized to perfection.
Rohail Amjad: Are there any specific institutes from where you
hire designers?
Abdul Samad:
No, i don’t hire designers from any specific place.I
have very few members in my design team to assist me, and the designs are primarily my own.
Rohail Amjad. How does Abdul Samad Clothing cope with
plagiarism issues?

Abdul Samad: Plagiarism is a bitter reality and no designer can protect his creations from plagiarism. However, I believe that no one can outdo an original piece. The design may be copied by anyone, but it’s the cut, comfort and the fitting that matters. Alhamdullilah I have a very loyal band of customers who pay for this.
Rohail Amjad: Do you plan to enter into home textile later on, as
the majority market is captured by that segment?

Abdul Samad: Maybe, you never know.
Rohail Amjad: How much investment is needed to start a clothing brand?
Abdul Samad: It depends on the size of the business and the market you want to cater. The sky is the limit.
Rohail Amjad: Your message to those willing to start a new brand?
Abdul Samad:
It’s best to start on a small scale and then build gradually. Personal involvement is a must in dealing with customers and with your production team. Sheer hard work and dedication along with sincere intentions are a key to success. Give your customers good value for money.

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