Shahwan Sethi – Fashion Designer/ CEO Moda Dynastie

Shahwan Sethi – Fashion Designer/ CEO Moda Dynastie

Shahwan Sethi, a fashion designer who has dabbled in fashion designing for a few years. He has a passion for fashion and believes in innovation. He intends to spread new modes of fashion to six continents. He established with the modern man/woman in mind, chalk offers a range of beautifully designed apparel and accessories with a contemporary twist.

Rohail Amjad: What was the objective behind “Moda Dynastie”?

Shahwan Sethi: The motive behind the magazine venture is to promote fashion globally from different parts of the world. We make sure that the east should meet west with regard to the latest fashion trends. We do cover many fashion events around the globe which provided various cultures and fashion.

Rohail Amjad: Companies are going digital these days, won’t that affect your business.

Shahwan Sethi: Moda Dynastie already has three (3) versions of the magazine. Mobile application, Website e-mag & printed version. We had made our magazine digital from day one since its inception.

Rohail Amjad:  What does Moda Dynsatie Cover?

Shahwan Sethi: Moda Dynastie covers fashion, lifestyle, health, food, beauty, travel and events all around the world. We are also featuring interviews of people belonging to different industries.

Rohail Amjad: How has Moda Dynastie been able to paint a positive picture of Pakistan?

Shahwan Sethi: Moda Dynastie has featured most of the Lollywood movies, stars, high-end fashion shows etc. Indeed, we have developed a great network of fashion designers, bloggers and celebrities in Pakistan who are also featured in our magazines. Apart from this, we are in progress to create a travel portal especially designed to promote tourism in Pakistan.  

Rohail Amjad: Coming to your other venture, what made you start the clothing brand?

Shahwan Sethi: First steps are always the hardest but if you are determined and your will power is strong, you can find away. I had dabbled in fashion designing for a few years and has a passion for fashion. I believe in innovation and intends to spread new modes of fashion. The brand, “SHAHWAN SETHI”, was founded by me in the year 2009 but formally launched through a newbie in the fashion world through my debut appearance in the International Fashion Week Dubai 2015.

Rohail Amjad: To what extent have you been able to bridge the western and eastern fashion?

Shahwan Sethi: I believe in constant improvement, diversity and focus on the ever-changing fashion trends and offering beautifully designed apparel with a contemporary twist includes westerns-wear (Dresses/Gowns) with a touch of Desi-Wear (Bridal/Party/Casual). Also, Arabic and traditional embroidery on the western gowns is a plus in our collection.

Rohail Amjad: What is the target market of Shahwan Sethi Clothing? Are they affordable for the middle class too?

Shahwan Sethi: The target market for Shahwan Sethi is diversified all over the world. We have different ranges of outfits, mostly suits all ages and classes with reasonable pricing.

Rohail Amjad: What makes Shahwan Sethi’s clothing different from others?

Shahwan Sethi:  Our head-turner prints blended with a mix of culture and fashion makes us different from others. We had started various traditional patterns and embroidery on the Western and Arabic outfits. This makes a clear transformation of our outfits with other brands.

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