Tyrone Tellis – Marketing manager BOGO Pakistan

Tyrone Tellis – Marketing manager BOGO Pakistan

Tyrone Tellis is the marketing manager of BOGO Pakistan. Bogo serves as a trusted guide for the consumer to explore, experience and enjoy the best what their respective city has to offer. BOGO Pakistan offers their customers rebates upto 45%. They have established themselves in all the major cities of Pakistan and is ready to expand their customer base in other cities of Pakistan. Today, the marketing manager of BOGO Pakistan talks to Rohail Amjad in his show

Assalam o alaikum and thanks for being here on the show

Rohail Amjad: What was the objective behind BOGO?

Tyrone Tellis: Bogo was formed to help bring people together again, technology and fast paced life and societal changes and even social media have meant we spend less time together. Inspired by the famous Entertainer in UAE, Bogo’s aim was to bring people together to have meals, share food and experiences and also to encourage people to explore their city, initially Karachi

Rohail Amjad: How is BOGO different from its competitors?

Tyrone Tellis: We are a customer obsessed company, we don’t only say it but we try to mean it. Our motto is not one customer should be dissatisfied with Bogo. Our focus is customer service of the highest level

Rohail Amjad: BOGO’’s objective is to obtain discount from CEO of brands .Are they comfortable to allow discounts or do you have to fulfill some of their obligations?

Tyrone Tellis: Bogo is a trial generation platform, we are the only marketing channel where you don’t pay until the customer walks in. Bogo has been well received by brands in the HORECA and lifestyle industries. We work with prestigious international chains as well as popular local ones.

Rohail Amjad:. Is there any government policy regarding the provision of discounts to the consumers?

Tyrone Tellis: Not sure

Rohail Amjad: You are new in the market comparatively, are the customers showing faith in your product?

Tyrone Tellis: Yes we have around 75% customer retention and a healthy year on year growth

Rohail Amjad:  What business’s does BOGO covers? Will you be providing discounts on Cinemas and theme parks?

Tyrone Tellis: Lifestyle with food being the majority because that is the main entertainment, we do have deals for places like Port Grand, Bounce, Atlantis

Rohail Amjad: How much do the customers have to pay monthly or annually?

Tyrone Tellis: Customers in 2019 paid Rs 2200 for the app and 2800 for the app, we offered a maximum  discount to new customers of 45% and we have a tradition of offering 50% off to our existing customers like those who bought Bogo in 2018.

Rohail Amjad : thank you so much for sparing time talking to us .Wish you all the best for your venture..Stay Blessed and Allah Hafiz

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