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DUEROS – Online Jewelry Brand – Review

Every individual wants to see him/herself in the best of its version. To look at yourself the best people do give a lot. Especially in this era, where to be seen attractive is imperative for recognition among your social class, people love spending a lot on their appearance and styling. To adorn yourself with jewelry is one of the most common practices not just among the females but also the male gender. The ever increasing concept of metrosexuality has increased the demand for jewelry and other accessories, just to become a fashion symbol.

A few days ago, I was asked for advice from one of my fashion-conscious friends about some jewelry shop. He was interested in buying some for himself and his wife. I promised him that I will do some research and guide from where to buy the jewelry.

I started web searching about the jewelry, went to two or three websites but didn’t come across something that could grab my attention. Suddenly, i recalled myself about the Spanish jewelry shop named “DUEROS” by one of my friends based in Lahore. At first, I was reluctant about recommending that website to anyone because buying online may always lead one to go into limbo, especially if you’re based in a country where economic constraints are prevalent but when I went to their website,  I was overawed, the landing page of the website resembled that of any top-notch company’s website with the background displaying an attractively sexy couple modeling for jewelry. The company has its footsteps all across the globe from the boiling heat of Jordan to the glorious Sydney’s Opera in Australia.   

The brand DUEROS  is based in Spain reflecting the charm of its region-a healthy lifestyle, tourists from all over the world, vacations, cuisine, Mediterranean environment, and exclusive goods.

The word DUEROS is a fusion of the words ‘DUO’ and ‘EROS’: DUO stands for ‘2’ and is the DNA of the brand – The 2 co-founders, the 2 sided logo, the 2 protective pendants of the flagship product called Escapulario, the connection between 2, which can be the love to a partner, a family member, a friend, an animal or also a certain place in the world.

Co-founders Kosta Janusi and Mehdi Bouziane

EROS is the god of love in Greek mythology. Combined these 2 words merge into a powerful blend which describes exactly what the brand stands for

The company has four products i)  Necklace ii) Bracelets iii) Earrings & iv) Rings –     catering to all segments of the society from the low range items to the high range jewelry including gold and silver items.  Each of the products has its subcategories as well in different materials with different designs. The designs are classy and elegant suiting to individuals’ own needs and styles.  The fine finishing of the products as apparent on the website give an elegant touch meeting an overall demand of a fashionista.

The sleek and artistic designs of bracelets and earrings meet the definition of a class depicting a state of the artwork by Espanuel boys. The fine finishing of their rings reflects the professionalism that is depicted all over DUEROS from their website to the products. The company these days have an exclusive offer for their buyers i.e: Buy 1 Colour Necklace and get 3 extra Colour Cords for FREE.

The company also has a payment facility installed for online buyers via credit cards, paypal, google play and shop pay. Another facility that the company provides to their customers is that they don’t have to pay the delivery charges as they offer free delivery globally, a facility which companies rarely do offer.

After exploring the website about an hour I was impressed by the overall detail and product range coupled with the feedback on their Facebook page, I at once called my friend and recommended him to visit DUEROS website as that is the perfect place for the all fashionistas

About Interview Scripted by Rohail Amjad

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