Kosta Janusi and Mehdi Bouziane – CO – Founders DUEROS

Kosta Janusi and Mehdi Bouziane – CO – Founders DUEROS

The brand DUEROS was born in the beautiful city of Barcelona (Spain), reflecting the beauty of what this city stands for – A sun-kissed lifestyle, travelers from all around the world, vacations, culture, Mediterranean weather, and unique products. Today, I had the opportunity to have an interview with them. Let’s see how it went

Rohail Amjad: Your designs apparently look inspired by religions, was this the idea before the creation of design?

Kosta Janusi and Mehdi Bouziane: The concept “Scapular” is religious as such. After all, it is an ancient necklace that was worn by monks starting from the 7th century. (see our model “Original Design” https://dueros.com/products/jesus-mother-mary-pendant-925-sterling-silver-necklace and created)

DUEROS took this concept and chose strong symbols (religious but also other concepts, e.g. the ultimate geometry of the flower of life, or a double ring reflecting the connection 2 people ) popular around the world to make it accessible to all cultures and believes. We combine this world of religion and symbolism with fashion which is very popular – jewelry with deep meaning.

Rohail Amjad: The landing page of your website is unlike that of a conventional jewelry brand? Models becoming prominent than the jewelry, wasn’t that issue?

Kosta Janusi and Mehdi Bouziane: For us, DUEROS is not just about jewelry, it is a lifestyle. We are not just selling a product – our customers and fans love the concept of a healthy, fit lifestyle full of adventures and beautiful times, collecting unforgettable memories. This is why we are showing more than just our jewelry pieces in our campaigns. (Our most unique and incredibly popular campaigns are all our videos which we film around the world and which mirror the pure DUEROS feeling. This is one part that what makes us unique compared to others.

Rohail Amjad: You have given specifications of jewelry even of gold. What creates trust between DUEROS and customers?

Kosta Janusi and Mehdi Bouziane: DUEROS has been growing step by step over the past years especially because our customers see the jewelry on friends and family and because they are recommended to them. We have earned their trust and they know that we are a serious company taking care of our customers.

Rohail Amjad: Most religious people do get offended by these designs. Don’t you think it’s a threat to brand image?

Kosta Janusi and Mehdi Bouziane: There will always be people who are not happy with what you are doing, which is absolutely ok – and they are also not our target. We concentrate on the modern openminded human being who loves to carry with him some sort of symbol of his roots, believes and at the same time wants a beautiful and modern, contemporary piece of jewelry to shine. 

Rohail Amjad: One of the very interesting things on your website is the prices being displayed in the local currency. Has that helped you in acquiring the market?

Kosta Janusi and Mehdi Bouziane: It helps many customers around the world to see the cost of the products in their own currency without having to calculate. It is pure convenience and creates more trust. 

Rohail Amjad: European world normally doesn’t consider third world countries to be their area of interest. What encouraged you to target their market?

Kosta Janusi and Mehdi Bouziane: Our whole concept is defined by the expression ‘around the world’, from all the worldwide symbols we are using in our jewelry, to our campaign videos which are filmed on all continents of this world to our special project #duerosaroundtheworld, in which our customers take pictures of famous landmarks/landscapes together with their DUEROS jewelry. https://dueros.com/pages/duerosaroundtheworld. So it is just logical that we want to reach as many customers and fans as possible with this worldwide concept.

Rohail Amjad: Given the current global economic situation, do you think DUEROS would be making its mark?

Kosta Janusi and Mehdi Bouziane: We are already quite happy with what DUEROS has reached, we are very known and popular in our target group and we continue to create beautiful designs and pictures/ videos to inspire more and more people.

Q9. DUEROS is an online brand ruling out the loss of expenditure on shops. How much has logistics played their part in this Pandemic

Kosta Janusi and Mehdi Bouziane: We are lucky that the pandemic has actually increased our sales a lot due to the whole situation and because we are mostly selling online. Even though the logistics have been a problem in some countries with a lot of lost shipments and unusual delays, selling online has in general increased dramatically over the last months. At the same time, we also do sell in numerous boutiques and stores – of course, this has been problematic for the stores during the pandemic.

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