Jaweria Khawaja – Fashion Model

Jaweria Khawaja – Fashion Model

Jaweria Khawaja is a fashion model from Lahore. She is known for her fitness and has done multiple shoots with various brands. Today, she joins us for an interview

Rohail Amjad: Can you tell us a little about your fitness journey? How did you get into fitness modeling?

Jaweria Khawaja: I personally always loved being fit , slim and active. It started when i used to feel a little low so I needed that push in life. I used to workout at home watching fitness videos on YouTube but I thought i need a trainer or someone to guide me about workout ( i might be doing wrong ) according to my body type.
So now a days i am usually doing weight-lifting at gym to retain my summer body look at it’d best and so can feel positive , rejuvenated.
I was always into posting fashion shoots so I thought it will be different to start posting my workout videos or post gym mirror snaps which people love watching.

Rohail Amjad: What does your typical workout routine look like? Do you have a favorite exercise or workout style?

Jaweria Khawaja: Cardio, weight lifting and running to remain fit. My favourite exercise is leg press.

Rohail Amjad: How do you stay motivated to maintain your fitness regimen and healthy lifestyle?

Jaweria Khawaja: I keep on looking myself everyday & when i see body changes into perfect curves , posture it makes me wanna do more & more. I watch motivational videos , benefits of exercises

Rohail Amjad: How do you balance your diet to maintain your physique? Do you follow a particular nutrition plan?

Jaweria Khawaja: My trainer has given me a particular ‘ Morning – afternoon – night ‘ meal plan it’s not like i follow every day but i tend to keep my meals lighter , healthy & prefer home food

Rohail Amjad: What advice do you have for someone who is just starting their fitness journey?

Jaweria Khawaja: Being motivated and consistent is hard even I sometimes feel like skipping workout but once you reach there known about the results, you are good to go and would never wanna skip your regime at all

Rohail Amjad: Can you describe a time when you faced a challenge in your fitness journey and how you overcame it?

Jaweria Khawaja: Initially it was hard for me because you have to stay consistent to see results according to your desired goals but i remained focused which never made me lose the track from being fit.

Rohail Amjad: How do you measure your progress and set goals for your fitness journey?

Jaweria Khawaja: I set goals as i am progressing so it’s not that tough, keep an eye on your progress. I check my body weight every week to see if i am losing or gaining weight. I discuss with my trainer to add new exercise or shuffle the games.

Rohail Amjad: How do you handle criticism or negative comments about your appearance or physique?

Jaweria Khawaja: This is the most crucial part but i ignore hate comments , judgmental thoughts or never read what they are talking about me , telling me what to do because i own my life and its my right to feel as I want , post as i can by being fully myself
When i have allowed myself being a public figure so i gotta comprehend this part they will say what they have to, so you can’t keep them all happy.
Do your thing , make them more jealous.

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