Rakib Khan –  CEO ” Paratha & Co”

Rakib Khan – CEO ” Paratha & Co”

Rakib Khan is the CEO of ” The Paratha Company”. He hails from Swat valley and has established his business in Lahore. The Paratha & Co. is home to desi delicacies serving in multiple cities of Pakistan. Today, Mr. Rakib Khan joins us for an interview.

Rohail Amjad: What was the concept behind ” The Paratha and Company ” ?

Rakib Khan: Since I belong to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) and often visit it, I always felt there was a need for something different which was not in the market already so I decided to launch Parathas of different flavors at reasonable prices using the best ingredients focusing both on quality & quantity. After a successful venture in Peshawar I decided to open a home delivery service in Lahore keeping in mind the Pandemic

Rohail Amjad: Do you think the government has provided relief to new startups?

Rakib Khan: No not at all. I just wish the govt had supported small businesses a little bit because there’s so much talent & so many new ideas but people cannot come forward mainly because of finances.

Rohail Amjad: What hurdles does a Food business have to deal, pre-operations and post operations?

Rakib Khan: Pre operation will be the Complicated process of approvals from so many authorities is tough I think it Should be one window. Post operations for me will always be “Resources, Resources, and Resources”. Very difficult to handle them

Rohail Amjad: We lately have been seeing PFA being too active. How does The Paratha Company maintain its hygiene standard?

Rakib Khan: PFA was doing a great job but lately they have started working like any other government organization, And we all know how government organizations work. They will be quiet for ages and when they are in a mood they will be active so I would say they should be more active on regular basis. But we PARATHA AND CO have kept our hygiene standards very high ,no compromise on hygiene and for this our kitchen is always open for any inspection by anyone.

Rohail Amjad: What are the food business prospects in Pakistan?

Rakib Khan: Pakistan is 6th largest country in the world as per population and favorite pass time of our nation is food. That makes very good prospects for food business in Pakistan but the only thing required is a GOOD AND AFFORDABLE PRODUCT

Rohail Amjad: What is your message to those willing to start their food venture?

Rakib Khan: My advice is please do go for a consultant before opening up any unit,keep it lean, don’t compromise on quality, follow your dream with passion

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